Caleb had a little bit of air time on FOX 13 yesterday at 4pm and 10pm for one of his latest accomplishments - a music video. Last year, Johnny Maio asked us if we would be up for the challenge of doing a music video for his song "Hometown." With some hesitation, as we had never done one before, we agreed to give it a go.

We explored, we filmed, we edited, and in the end, "Hometown" was complete. Now that word will never be the same for us. This song is SO catchy, our entire family knows it. Even our 21 month old! Seriously, take a listen! 

This song has also been recognized by places like 970 WLFA and Tampa Bay News and Lifestyles. The music video has been entered into many film festivals, a few of which it won, and more that it is still going through the judging process. Such awards have been "Best Editing" and "Audience Favorite." 

This has been such a fun opportunity for all parties involved. Johnny Maio is beyond talented in all areas. We have even featured some of his music in a few of our wedding videos. Every instrument and vocal is ALL him in all of his songs! Can you imagine knowing that many instruments, plus more than what you see here? WOW! We certainly cannot wait until our next venture with him. 

Johnny has been nominated for Best Singer Songwriter at the Best of the Bay Awards on September 26th. You can vote for him here while you have that tune stuck in your head.

Want to see if he wins? Buy your tickets to the event here.