Wedding Season 2018-2019

It is September! I love this month for a few reasons other than it being the title of an Earth, Wind, and Fire song. Most Pumpkin Spice flavored/scented everything is out. Fall starts later in the month. Plus people are starting to bake! However, these two reasons top them all:

  1. Our son, Jonah, will be born (come on baby!)

  2. It is the kick off of the 2018-2019 Florida wedding season


Wedding season in Florida normally ranges from late September to May. People generally know, unless you’re having a summer wedding all indoors, don’t. At least not in the sweltering heat that is this southern state. It may be because I am 9 months pregnant, but this summer has been a HOT one.

We took this month off, or at least until our second sweet bundle arrives, but are eager to get back in the game once things have settled. This is the true start to our fourth year. We’re renamed our business, revamped our look, and finalized most pricing. We are comfortable in our skin as we approach this season.

To all those getting married coming up, I urge you to remember why you are getting married. For LOVE. I advise you to cherish the time of planning. I implore you to focus on one thing on your big day - it is today, and this day will go one way or another, but in the end you will be married, and that is why you’ve come together.

For anyone looking to book we are almost full for 2018 and have already made a big dent in 2019. So please message us with any inquiry about your date and our availability! You do not want to miss the opportunity of getting both photo and video for such a great price.

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