Email Sign Up

A wagon I never thought we would be on - having an email list!


Having done some marketing experience prior to our lovely business, I’ve used emailing lists and seen how effective they are. I’ve seen that not only are they beneficial to the business, but surely the client. We have so many things constantly going on with our business, especially as we enter the most busiest time of the year. We want to offer a personal connection to us, right in your inbox.

For example, we will have themed mini sessions going on throughout the next 9 months. When, where, and what times are private as of now. But we want to give the information to those subscribed earlier than we give out the information elsewhere. Why? Loyalty. Our little business is built on wonderful clients who have come to us again and again. It’s the word of mouth and consistent business from these people. We are forever grateful, so why not give back?

We have only done one deal in the past to the public. It flopped because it was overlooked by the other things on our feed. Having something specifically sent to you will give us all the ability to focus on the sweet discounts available. Plus we can let you know what is going on with us as we grow each year (yay to year four!).

To be honest, there is no incentive here. It’s not that we real you in with something right away. We want you to actually subscribe because you WANT to, not because we are going to wave free money in your face. However, we are thankful for having you and we will express that as the time goes ;)