bridal questionnaire

Hey y'all! This form is so that I have something on file about YOU. Not your venue, your dj, your florist, but something about who you are behind the bride. I love getting to spice up each wedding with focus on things you love or have incorporated. Plus I want to leave the floor open for any questions you have for me! I am a person just like you, surprise! ;-)

Bride's Name *
Bride's Name
Something about me is I was in theatre from age 14-20!
If all you put is pizza here, I think we are on the same page. Kidding. Kind of.
Dark and moody? Boho? Light and airy? Farmhouse? Modern? Etc.
Whether you are doing it now, or wanting to reach a goal, tell me! I wanted to be a photographer and mom, luckily I am living my dream.
Love these!
I am normally at weddings, but any other night I'm normally sitting and giving baby/toddler snuggles, editing, or cleaning!
Been there!
It is my job to try to avoid this a make you most comfortable for photos!
Seriously, ask away! I want you to know me!