Couples + Engagements - $250

We LOVE couples sessions. Not only do we get to see how well you photograph (work it!), but we also get to know you. Not just like small talk about the weather. We take the time during engagement sessions to really grasp who you are as a couple. For a bride looking to book her wedding with us, I always suggest participating in one of these shoots. It gives us the ability to know your style, likes, dislikes, and lets you actually know your photographer. We don't want to be strangers when we show up on your best day ever!


faq #1: what do we wear? do you pose us during the session?

When it comes to matching, or purposefully not matching, we have you covered on the outfits department. Before our session occurs we will walk you through what styles, colors, patterns or lack there of, will go together for the best looking photos. We have charts for reference and will help you pick what works. Clothes and posing are the biggest stressors for clients. Speaking of posing, we will pose you - you can breathe now. However, if we see that your natural chemistry shows off exactly who you are, we will let you do your thing. If you hear a lot of snapping, and less posing, it's because you two are beautiful all on your own!

faq #2: how long is our session? what time should we have it?

Since weddings can be so extremely fast paced, we take my time with engagements. This means our session can last up to two hours, so please be ready for that. If you have to cut it short, that is completely up to you but plan for at least an hour. That way if we see some fun place to grab pizza, like we did with the session to the right, we can munch, chat, and snap some photos along the way. Golden hour is a frequent term in the photo/video world. This is the last hour-ish of sunlight. Depending on the season we try to plan around this time so make sure you have an evening available. If that doesn't work, we rise early, so a sunrise session is an option too!



faq # 3: where is the session held at?

We have shot sessions and weddings at so many different locations. Before our session occurs, we plan out, according to the couple's taste, what setting is most liked. Besides mountains, Florida gives us a vast amount of options to choose from. Beaches, forests, cities, parks, you name it. Think about what you are looking for - especially if you plan to use them as save the dates! Also think about how far you'd prefer to travel outside your area. Then we can come up with some options.