fresh 48 - $200


their first hours here

Anyone who has had a child can tell you that once the baby arrives, the world stops. Time seems to have no meaning. Day to day plans go awry. Nothing can replicate this feeling of awe that surrounds you and your new bundle. The pain endured, the 9 months of carrying, all forgotten. It is within these 48 hours that we taste a little bit of heaven on earth. 


your new life

You've brought your little bean into the world. Let us not forget the people who are about to take care of the babe for the next (at least) 18 years. Capturing moments of Mama and/or Dad with the newborn are just as significant. You may feel dazed and unable to remember anything but the fact that your treasure is right before your eyes. Let's make sure you remember the bigger picture.


- bring a cute swaddle, outfit, or memory item for the day of
- remember this is after your baby has already arrived!
- get acquainted with your sweet one for a while, then let us know when is a good time
- do not feel the need to "pretty yourself." YOU JUST WORKED A MIRACLE.
- black and white is often used to keep the moments in focus and not the colors (hospitals are not the prettiest nor houses sometimes). colored photos are a more rarity in this case.

labor + delivery - contact us

I used Oosterling Productions with the birth of my daughter and had an amazing experience. Iā€™m extremely picky and have very high expectations. Gabby surpassed my expectations. It was important to me that my photographer did not take away from this special experience. She was there, but I barely remember it because she was so quiet and fit in so well, yet she documented this day so beautifully. The photos she captured I will treasure for a lifetime.
— Laura

trials + tribulation

Some Mamas decide to go the natural birthing route, while others are ready for the epidural as soon as possible. No matter the way the labor goes, you are a queen. You've carried a baby for the past what-feels-like 180363924 months. Capturing the story of HOW your body will allow this baby to comes into the world is so special. No matter the trial or tribulation.


placing baby on your chest

Unlike the fresh 48, having us there through the entire birthing process allows us to capture moments with paramount significance. When the new life is placed on your chest, all of what you just endured transforms into sheer happiness. We always hear the word "finally" under a Mama's breath. Cord clamping, baths, breastfeeding, and Dad's time with the baby can all be captured during this time as well.