1. What do I wear? Do you have dress options for me? Will you help pose me?
Before our session occurs we will walk you through what styles, colors, patterns or lack there of, will go together for the best looking photos. We have charts for reference and will help you pick what works. We have a limited selection of maternity gowns, one being white lace often used for milk baths. We will pose you - you can breathe now. However, if you hear a lot of snapping, and less posing, it's because you two are beautiful all on your own!

2. What time should I schedule the session? How long will it be?
Our maternity sessions can last up to two hours, so please be ready for that. If you have to cut it short, that is completely up to you but plan for at least an hour. Golden hour is a frequent term in the photo/video world. This is the last hour-ish of sunlight. Depending on the season we try to plan around this time so make sure you have an evening available. If that doesn't work, we rise early, so a sunrise session is an option too!

3. What location will we go to?
We have shot sessions and weddings at so many different locations. Before our session occurs, we plan out, according to the Mama's taste, what setting is most liked. Besides mountains, Florida gives us a vast amount of options to choose from. Beaches, forests, cities, parks, you name it. Think about what you are looking for - especially if you plan to use them at your baby shower! Also think about how far you'd prefer to travel outside your area. Then we can come up with some options. 

4. How far along should I be to do my maternity session?
Mama's should be anywhere from 32-36 weeks pregnant. At this time, though you may feel rounder than ever, the glow occurs. Even if you don't know it yourself, this session will help show you just how beautiful you are. 

5. Do you retouch the photos?
It is understandable that women go through body changes while hosting human life. It is ABSOLUTELY incredible what the female body can do to accommodate these darling babies. That being said, if a Mama feels better without the stretch marks, non-belly weight gain (TOTES NORMAL), or other, we got you. We use angles, lighting, and retouching techniques to make sure you never even knew what may have been changed. If a Mama DOES prefer that all those things stay and she be the beautiful birthing goddess she is - so be it. We leave that decision up to you.

6. For the video, what do we bring? What do we say?
We will talk prior about what kind of thing you'd like in your Maternity Message. It is meant to be something of remembering your pregnancy or a message to your sweet bundle. Contact Caleb at 8135454302 with any questions on this one!



Gabby was an absolute delight. She was so professional yet laid back and captured some truly amazing shots. She accommodated this mommy by driving to the photo shoot place of my choice and was on time which is a big plus for mommy to bes. Not only was she willing to do shots of my choice but had some great idea herself. I will definitely be using her again.
— Kasha