newborn + mama & me - $200


love at first sight...

You already are in love with them. Now it is time to capture them and all their newborn habits. Do they have lots of gassy smiles? SUPER cute while sleeping? Funny facial expressions? Taking the time to remember them at their tiniest is super important. That way when they are 18 and moving out, you'll still know what they looked like when all they wanted was you. 




1. Where is the session held? Do you come to me?
I come to you! The session will be held in your home near a sliding glass door or a big window. This allows for the most natural lighting to play a key factor in the photos. The floor or a bed is normally used. 

2. How long is the session?
The session can range from 2-4 hours. It is a big range because babies are so unpredictable. Sometimes they are grouchy just because they are out of the womb in the first place. Other times they just want to cluster feed during those hours. This range gives us the ability to plan around the newborn's needs that day. Please have patience as most babies don't sleep the whole time and do need to be comforted!

3. How long after they are born should we do the session? When?
Plan to pick a date between the 5th and 12th day they are out of the womb! By two weeks they have already become too awake and aware of their surroundings. Sessions are normally held in the morning during during week days.

4. How should I prepare for the session?
- Mentally know that these sessions are beautiful, but take lots of shushing, feeding, adjusting, holding, and resetting. 
- Pull out anything you have that you'd like in the session.
- Try to have baby fed right before I arrive, but NOT having napped yet. Babies are most calm after feeding and will hopefully sleep for a good portion of the session.

5. What do you bring to my house for the session?
I bring an array of backdrops, baskets, wraps, and headbands/hats. I try to keep it as compact as possible. If you have any personalized outfits, blankets, etc. feel free to bring them out for the session. 

6. Am I in the photos?
Feel free to let me know if you're looking for some photos of you, your significant other, or your other children in some of the photos. We will normally get the posed newborn photos done first and then do a few family photos. 


Gabby is a phenomenal photographer! Her artistic ability to capture those precious moments is unbelievable. She’s done a few sessions for my family and I and I’m amazed more and more every time when we receive our pictures from her. I will continue to use Gabby for my families special life events and I highly recommend her if your looking for someone special to capture your special moment.
— Ashley