the first year - $500



We begin our story at the newborn session. This session can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. The session is held in your home near a sliding door or big window with plenty of light. Backdrops, wraps, and headbands are supplied. Feel free to bring more for your little one's session!

Laura Mei 6 Months-16.jpg

6 months

At this point you and your gem have become accustomed to life. Feedings are down, baby food is coming into play, and they are starting to sit on their own. Not to mention they have a personality! This session is perfect to show exactly how much they have grown since newbornhood. 

Laura Mei 1 Year-37.jpg

1 year

We have arrived! The real mental progression is about to take off and your little one is not so little anymore. Whether they are walking, standing, or still comfortable sitting, we will accommodate for the 1 year session. A cake is supplied for a smash portion, please let us know about allergies!